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Splenda - Gaya B

Splenda - Gaya B

December 31, 2011

Hiya From Splenda


I just wanted to check with you all to let you know that Abigail (who we renamed Splenda by family vote) is doing very well. I've attached a picture of her in this email and I've written the little blurb below in case you felt it would be helpful to post on your website. I hope to bring her by a Petco Meet-n-Greet soon.

Gaya B

Splenda (formerly known as Abigail) is doing very well. She's loved, cuddled and spoiled just as she deserves to be. Splenda showers her human brother and sister with kisses and follows her mom everywhere like a shadow. She's a wonderful addition to our family and we're so grateful that we met her! Thank you Pals for Paws.

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