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Patches - Sharon A

Patches - Sharon A

December 31, 2011

Hi From Patches!

I am a bit slow at getting you some pictures of Patches. He is doing pretty well on his house breaking... have to remind him to go potty before bedtime and as soon as he gets up.. Otherwise he goes in and out without telling him the rest of the day. He has chewed up several things and had to stay outside while we were gone in the evenings for a month or so. Bill is usually home during the day so he can come and go as he pleases and have some supervision. He is doing better now. Getting cold enough thought we had better try letting them stay inside again. Give him plenty chew sticks before we leave and they love to play with the squeaky toys and chase each other. He sure keeps Snowball exercised. His main problem seems to be the fact that he is a flea magnet I think. I have a flea collar on him, use the drops each month, use flea soap for his bath, have flea spray I use on him and he still has fleas running on his little pink belly . Any ideas you might have as to how to get rid of them would be appreciated.

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