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Baytoven - Joy F

Baytoven - Joy F

December 31, 2011

Do you remember little puppy Baytoven - the boxer lab mix puppy

Hi, I am not sure you remember my husband and I - we came to pick up a great dane mix, but ended up with little puppy Baytoven 3 days before last Christmas. He was our daughter's Christmas present.

He has been absolutely the most fun dog in the world! He's extremely smart, so personable (is my little shadow, and even wants to jump up into our arms - what a goof!), and gets along with everyone, other pets included. He does like to hide his bones in the dirt in the backyard, and bellies up to the counter because mom has spoiled him a bit :) He obeys well and has truly become a part of our family!

I thought you'd enjoy his grown up pictures.

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